Uni builds web dashboard to monitor data

A new online monitoring system developed at the University of Wollongong can report on everything from electricity consumption, sewerage, water usage or the amount of waste collected from a single street to an entire local government area or region.

Innovators at the SMART Infrastructure Facility have created the easy-to-use "dashboard" that is able to use visual, graphical and geospatial data to simplify complex analysis of utilities and infrastructure.

After 12 months' work, a six-member team led by modelling and simulation expert Professor Pascal Perez launched the SMART Infrastructure Dashboard (SID) at the Illawarra Regional Leaders' Summit and Illawarra Futures Symposium.

SID uses publicly available infrastructure utility data and regional, state and national-level demographic and economic data to produce easy-to-read graphs and reports on anything infrastructure-related. It will soon be able to monitor and report on traffic volumes on local roads.

SID is currently accessible to subscribers but different levels of access are expected online soon.

Prof Perez said the team included three students who accessed information from many data providers.

The system is a customer-centric portal providing easy, transparent and intuitive access to primary data. It was designed to create a better understanding of the complex relationship between infrastructure operations and uses across utilities.

The project received $215,000 from the Australian National Data Service (ANDS) through the National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy Program and the Education Investment Fund (EIF) Super Science Initiative.

SID is expected to help cities and regions with long-term, strategically planned infrastructure.

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