Phil Jamieson like you've never heard him



The Heritage Hotel

Tickets:, 1300 762 545

Grinspoon frontman Phil Jamieson has spent the morning singing Soggy Socks.

"It's what happens when you wear socks in the shower," he says of the ditty he created with his daughters, aged four and six.

"A song can be made about anything. I encourage creativity in my children - I think it's a fun thing to instil in them."

Yes, this is the same man who has belted out rock classics such as Chemical Heart, Hard Act to Follow, Lost Control and No Reason.

Jamieson looks back on his oft-catalogued 20s and laughs.

"I'm lucky my imagination is still here after that," he says.

These days the singer-songwriter's more laid-back approach to life is reflected in his music as he embarks on a solo tour along the NSW east coast.

"I started doing them [solos] last year and it was really fun for me," he says.

"It helps me get my head around the new [Grinspoon] songs and it's a chance for me to just keep playing.

"I was nervous though, and you've got to talk some more than in the shows with the band.

"If you make a mistake you've got no-one to blame but yourself."

However, Jamieson lets in that there's a "super mega secret guest" to appear at his Bulli show "so I do have a bit of help".

Jamieson's solo gigs are a mix of reinterpreted Grinspoon songs, a few covers, "hilarious anecdotes" and some songs he wrote that never made it on to a Grinspoon album.

"It's taking the rock and turning it more into swing, no, let's say lounge music," he says.

"But I'm not turning them into Michael Buble songs. It's sometimes difficult to change the heavy material into this kind of stuff - it makes it unrecognisable.

Jamieson says that bossa nova and samba help add new life to the songs.

Of balancing family with gigs, he says he's got a fantastic job.

"I use melody as a way for concentrating deeply - it's who I am."

Jamieson's been to Wollongong many times with Grinspoon, but this will be his first gig at The Heritage.

"I'm keen to test out the waters at Bulli," he says.

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