Greg Petty calls for protection

Police are investigating two suspicious incidents at the Helensburgh home of Wollongong councillor Greg Petty.

Cr Petty contacted police last Thursday after a box trailer-load of asbestos material was dumped in his driveway overnight.

On Sunday, police were again called after Cr Petty discovered damage to a car on his property.

Cr Petty yesterday claimed the incidents were linked to his role as a councillor but would not speculate on possible motives.

‘‘That will become clear once the perpetrator is caught,’’ he said.

During last year’s state election campaign, Cr Petty claimed smashed windows on a car at his home was connected to his independent bid for the seat of Heathcote.

Cr Petty has requested a council security guard patrol his property after last week’s asbestos incident.

‘‘Given the history of intimidation, I think it needs to be looked at,’’ he said.

‘‘The council does have a security contract and the question is, should councillors be intimidated, is that acceptable and would the community accept that?’’

Lord Mayor Gordon Bradbery will discuss the matter with general manager David Farmer today.

‘‘I’m very concerned a councillor should feel threatened or intimidated,’’ Cr Bradbery said.

‘‘This is beyond the pale as far as I’m concerned.

‘‘You mightn’t agree with a councillor and you might have contrary opinions but, at the same time, threatening his wellbeing and his property is just not on.’’

Wollongong Police yesterday confirmed they were investigating both matters.

The asbestos was removed by council staff.

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