Daniel takes his hunt for a job on the road

Daniel Davey carries his detailed resume at all times, but the sign he waves to passing cars is far more succinct: "I want a job!" it says.

The 21-year-old Primbee man began waving the sign on Windang Rd at 6am yesterday, frustrated at months of fruitless job searching.

He has applied for more than 30 labouring jobs since September, when he moved from Grafton.

He has not had any response to his applications, and is living in a caravan because he cannot afford to rent accommodation.

"It gets you down really. Every day I'm just sitting around and waiting for something to do or spending my fuel money driving to [search for jobs]."

Mr Davey, said he was buoyed by the reaction of drivers which included an invitation to drop a resumé at a scaffolding firm.

Daniel Davey with his sign. Picture: SYLVIA LIBER

Daniel Davey with his sign. Picture: SYLVIA LIBER