Dozens of couples choose 'lucky' date for nuptials

Come hell or high water - or lightning, it seems - Mandy Worley is determined to marry fiance Mitch Shephard tomorrow, on the 12/12/12.

The happy-go-lucky Picton couple - who settled on the wedding date after becoming engaged on the 10/10/10 - are among hundreds of couples across the state flocking to tie the knot on the memorable date.

The repetitive numbers - a good omen for some, a novelty for others - have already proved lucky for the young couple, who narrowly avoided a pre-wedding tragedy when Mitch was struck by lightning two weeks ago.

"We had a really bad storm up here and Mitch decided to jump into the shower," Miss Worley said.

"As he turned the faucet the house was struck by lightning, the electricity ran through the copper pipes and gave him a nasty shock.

"He spent a night and day in hospital, which was a big scare, but it all worked out well. We were very lucky."

Needless to say, the pair are hoping lady luck will keep the skies clear when they exchange vows near the lagoon in Stuart Park tomorrow afternoon.

Their 12-member bridal party will be on hand during the ceremony, which was pushed back from 12 noon to 3pm, for the convenience of wedding guests.

The number 12 - a combination of the masculine number '1' and feminine number '2' in numerology - is an appropriate number for a wedding day, says Albion Park astrologist and numerologist Christina Stargazer.

"With 12 you have masculine and feminine [energies] coming together to create something new, something creative and fun," she said.

"I think it will be a fun, energetic day for people getting married ... I actually organised a Christmas party for my [astrology] students on 12/12/12 for that very reason."

Kanahooka couple Tineke Kilgower and Shane Dobson have also planned their nuptials for tomorrow, jumping at the opportunity to wed on the novel date.

"At first I just thought Shane was being cute picking that date, but everyone keeps on telling me it's just so he can remember it," Miss Kilgower said.

She soon realised the pair were not alone when they found it difficult to book reception venues. There were 967 marriages in NSW on Remembrance Day, 11/11/11.

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