Food & Wine: Your ultimate guide to Christmas

From mouth-watering dishes to inspiring recipes, find everything you need for Christmas in the Mercury's annual Food & Wine magazine. 

This delicious guide to the season showcases the Illawarra's best produce and will help you create your most memorable Christmas yet.


Louisa's devilishly clever cake creations

Louisa Glyde is a monarch of marzipan - a finesser of fondant - who can transform even the most outrageous requests into delicious cake creations. 

From savage sharks and free-standing chickens to Noah’s whole ark, there is not much the Kiama Downs chef will not try.

Fruit cake a family favourite

Come December every year, there is a familiar fruity smell that begins to engulf the Blissett household.

It wafts through the air for hours, sometimes days, on end as Phyliss Blissett prepares her champion Christmas fruit cakes for family and friends.

How to serve a simple Christmas meal

Simple and quick - they are not the types of words usually associated with Christmas lunch.

Often hours are spent toiling away in a sweltering kitchen, chopping, dicing, tossing, baking, roasting and arranging dishes as guests arrive, presents are opened and carols are played.

How to get your kids in the kitchen

Coloured icing on the walls, cracked eggs on the floor and a stack of dishes reminiscent of the Leaning Tower of Pisa balancing in the sink - cooking with children isn’t every parents cup of tea. 

But brave Mount Kembla mum Jenny Black does not scare easily, so much so she established a business dedicated to turning little monsters into Maggie Beers.

How to have a berry sweet Christmas

Bob Gabriel wants to wish everyone a Berry Christmas - a straw-berry Christmas, to be precise.

The Warrawong fruiterer says Christmas is the perfect time to take advantage of this year’s bumper strawberry season and enjoy some delicious berry desserts.

Seafood a festive favourite

On the first day of Christmas Charles Bonanno’s true love gave to him ... two tonnes of prawns.

Well, it was less his ‘‘true love’’ - more so a series of delivery trucks that arrive on December 23 and 24 - but it is a welcome gift all the same.

What to do with your Christmas leftovers

‘Tis the season to be jolly - not queasy.

Tucking into a baked turkey or juicy Christmas ham might be a great Aussie tradition, but if a cook is not careful, it can come at a grisly price.

Sweet and spicy salads add colour

Deck out Christmas tables in festive greens, reds and golds this year by adding a cool and colourful salad to the lunch menu.

Fresh, crisp, healthy salads are a valuable addition to any dinner table, giving dishes a festive lift without too much fuss.

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