Heartless hotrod thieves target firie

Source: Daily Advertiser

A NSW couple is pleading with thieves to return their vintage Ford Hotrod 303 after it was stolen when they went to help during last week's bushfires.

The vehicle meant more to David Bryant than anyone could imagine – it was his pride and joy.

Mr Bryant spent two years building up the car from scratch; his wife, Luella, describing it as a dream he had which actually came true.

Last year they got an offer to buy the car for $50,000, but it is the type of asset that increases in value as time goes on.

“We went out on Saturday and left at 2pm to go to my mother’s farm in Tarcutta to help her out,” she said.

“When we came home at lunchtime on Sunday it (the hotrod) was gone.

“Nobody in Incarnie Street has seen or heard anything.

“My husband had spent two years building it in the backyard. It’s priceless, it can’t be replaced ... so for some low-lives to go and take it ... .”

Mrs Bryant said she felt like they were being watched as they had packed up some fencing equipment into their 4WD to take to Tarcutta.

She said it was unlikely the thieves would try and sell the car itself, but would simply take out all the rare 1935 Ford parts and try and get money for them.

“We never built it to sell it, my husband built it for the love of it,” she said.

“It’s devastating.

“If I could say something to the people who took it I’d tell them I’d like them to leave it somewhere and just let us or the police know where it is.”

The car’s number plate is GB9 3AF.

Anyone with information about the car is urged to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

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