Little Pebble to be refused parole

Former South Coast cult leader William Kamm is set to be denied parole later this year because of his refusal to undergo treatment.

Known as the Little Pebble, Kamm was jailed after being found guilty of repeated sex offences against minors.

In a meeting yesterday, the State Parole Authority ‘‘formed an intention to refuse parole’’ when his non-parole period ends on April 13.

Unless paroled, Kamm will remain in prison until his 10-year sentence ends in October 2015.

The authority found the 62-year-old Kamm has so far failed to participate in a program to address his offending behaviour.

The Probation and Parole Service recommended SPA refuse Kamm’s parole.

A Probation and Parole Service report said: “Given the nature of the inmate’s offences … it is considered beneficial that Mr Kamm undertake the treatment program in custody. Given that Mr Kamm … remains an untreated sex offender, his release to parole is not recommended.’’

Kamm can now make application to the authority for a review hearing to be held. 

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