GALLERY: The amazing spirit of brave Bella

Corrimal mother Michelle Newland describes her youngest daughter as "a little fighter".

She needs to be.

Bella Newland, who will turn two next month, was born with a rare genetic disorder - she has 108 genes missing from her 19th chromosome. Hers is the only recorded case in the world.

As a result she has very low muscle tone and a number of developmental delays.

She can't speak yet or sit up by herself. She has scoliosis and kyphosis of her spine, reflux, sleep apnoea and chest infections.

Despite her challenges Bella is a cheerful little girl.

"She has an amazing spirit," Ms Newland said.

"When she goes to physio she gets really tired but she still has a smile and does what is expected of her.

"She just got out of hospital yesterday - she had to have her tonsils and adenoids out because she suffers from severe sleep apnoea - but today she is on top of the world."

With three big sisters Bella is "surrounded by a lot of love", Ms Newland said.

"We all have our own way of dealing with it. I try to channel that sad emotion I feel every day into doing positive stuff for her - like doing this fund-raiser."

A concert, Beats for Bella, at the Scarborough-Wombarra Bowling Club on Saturday, will raise funds for Bella's medical costs (see for details).

The concert will also raise money for Northcott Disability, which recently funded a special $7000 stroller for Bella, to help the disability services provider aid other children in the future.

"It's also about raising awareness," Ms Newland said.

"My little daughter is going to go out into the world disabled and I'd love it if that gap between abled and less-abled people was just that little bit less.

"That's my goal."

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