TV retune fixes loss of ABC channel

Northern suburbs residents may find that they can’t pick up the ABC on their TV sets any more.

That doesn’t mean the network no longer exists – it just means your TV needs retuning.

As the last stage of the move from analog to digital TV, ABC, SBS and Prime7 are changing their frequencies today.

This is expected to affect residents from Austinmer to Corrimal who get their signal from the Brokers Nose TV tower.

Those residents who receive their signals from the Illawarra tower won’t need to retune until October next year.

‘‘This move will free up broadcasting spectrum so that it can be used for new services such as mobile broadband,’’ a spokesman from the federal Department of Communications said.

‘‘Just like the switch to digital-only TV, the retune has been carefully planned to make sure the change is as easy as possible.’’

The spokesman said it was a simple task to find these ‘‘lost’’ stations.

‘‘If viewers are missing channels, they can start by pressing the ‘menu’ button on their remote then look for their ‘set-up’ options. Next, they should select words like: ‘channels’ or ‘auto-tuning’,’’ he said.

‘‘Viewers might want to write down their favourite channel, program recordings or parental lock settings before they retune as retuning might delete these settings.’’

For those experiencing difficulties in retuning, there is a website and phone line (1800 20 10 13) people can contact for help.

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