Lights theft dark day for children's charity

Christmas light thieves have struck at the Shell Cove headquarters of children's charity KidzWish Foundation in a raid that has disgusted the group's founder.

Strings of solar-powered stars were cut from the KidzWish Place fence - a move that will render them useless - and removed at the weekend.

KidzWish boss Chris Bevan said the decorations held limited monetary value, but contributed to making the headquarters a nice place for sick and struggling children to visit.

"What's the point?" she said.

"Even if they were only worth $100, somebody's given us that $100 to engage with the community, and they were there so that children when they come in could see them."

Mrs Bevan said it was not the only theft to hit the charity at Christmas.

The giant KidzWish Christmas tree, which is erected outside WIN Entertainment Centre each year, frequently loses ornaments to thieves.

"All the time decorations are being stolen off that. You get silly people who are probably drunk who run up the road with decorations on their head."

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