St Mary's HSC stars on the rise

Three former St Mary Star of the Sea students weren’t shy about showing their excitement when they logged on to check their ATAR results on Thursday morning.

Melissa Irvine, 17, said she jumped up and down, Claire Dillon, 18, simply screamed and Isabella Rosandic, 18, showed her jubilation in the workplace.

‘‘I was at work and I think the whole office knew as soon as I found out because I was so, so excited,’’ she said.

ATAR results: our top performers

The girls were among the region’s highest achievers, earning ATARs of 97.25, 98.95 and 98.3 respectively. Claire was also named as one of the state’s all rounders for scoring in the top band for 10 or more of her HSC units.

Another former student, Lucy Packer, achieved an ATAR of 99.25 but is currently on a trip to Italy.

While all were aiming for a score above 90 to allow them to get into their desired university degrees, each did better than they expected.

They said while the anticipation of their results had been frustrating, the reality only hit in the days before the HSC marks were released on Wednesday.

‘‘I didn’t think about my marks until the day before they came out, I was busy having fun,’’ Melissa said.

Isabella admitted to getting stressed during the lead-up to the HSC, but thought her nervousness had made her work harder.

‘‘In looking at my result now, it was definitely worth it. If you work hard then you’re going to get those rewards at the end of it,’’ she said.

‘‘All that studying paid off so much.’’

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