Festive music helps civil servants connect

For most of the year, staff at the NSW government offices in Wollongong have time only to nod and smile at people from other departments as they go about their day.

But for a week leading up to Christmas, workers from different sections come together to spread Christmas cheer.

Donning Santa hats and reindeer ears, the hidden musical talents of staff members are set free, the foyer of the office block providing the perfect acoustics for the group to make their way through their repertoire of Christmas carols.

Tracy Davies, who works for the Department of Education and Communities, said they had been putting on the performances for about 20 years.

"I just really enjoy talking to the other people, having fun, having a laugh with people you don't normally get to mix with," she said.

"We see each other through the year but we don't connect like we do in this week; there's just something about singing together that makes you feel a part of the community.

"We try to do it early in the morning before work starts so, as people are walking through our building as they're going to work, they can enjoy it."

They will get together this morning and tomorrow morning from 9.30am, with a show lasting anywhere between 30 and 60 minutes. Anyone is welcome to stop by to listen.

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