Supporters get behind Gerroa's 'bum tree'

Gerroa's famed "bum tree" has motivated a small army of supporters who are "rumping up" their campaign to save it from the axe.

The gum tree, on Gerroa Road, has two large lumps protruding near its base, resembling a gluteus maximus.

A local wit has often painted the word "bum" on the tree, with an arrow pointing to the derriere, bringing a smile to the face of many a passing driver.

But Shoalhaven council may remove the tree as part of a vegetation-clearing project around the road.

Axe hangs over Gerroa Road's 'bum tree'

Rather than turning the other cheek, lovers of the bum tree have decided to have a crack at saving it.

A "Save the Bum Tree" petition has been created on the website and has already gathered more than 600 supporters.

The supporters may be behind in the fight, as the bottom line may already have been drawn.

But the petition will be forwarded to the seat of power in Shoalhaven City, the council chambers in Nowra.

Supporters have listed their reasons why the tree should stay.

Gary Dodd, 69, said "it is an icon to this area. It's been there as long as I can remember".

"It's a local icon and the highlight of my daily commute," said Jason Pendlebury.

Shoalhaven council's director of assets and works, Ben Stewart, said last week: "Council is currently finalising arrangements for vegetation removal along the sand track, which is being carried out to improve sight lines along Gerroa Road."

The petition can be found at or plug "save the bum tree" into your search engine.

The Illawarra Mercury would like to hear from any gum experts who can confirm whether the tree is in fact a Blackbutt.

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