Fish market marathon

'Tis the season to be jolly - especially if you're a retailer.

Shopping this festive season was ''all systems go'' as a flurry of buyers - including Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban - joined the throng in the countdown before Christmas Day.

Retailers are expecting more than 1.5 billion transactions on Monday and Tuesday, as the focus shifts from Christmas presents to food, Australian National Retailers Association's chief executive Margy Osmond said.

Surprise appearance: Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman walked in to buy some seafood during Sydney Fish Market's annual 36-hour marathon. Photo: Getty Images

On Monday, Sydney Fish Market was doing a roaring trade at its annual 36-hour ''fish market marathon'' which began at 5am.

Staff at De Costi Seafoods got a pleasant surprise when Kidman and Urban walked in to buy sashimi, smoked salmon and prawns. ''The whole shop lit up when they walked in,'' operations manager Dimitri Hari said.

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