Unleash Your Super Hero, teen workshop 

The HSC is over for another year, but while the anxious wait for final marks is done, there are a slew of new worries set to arise about future career paths and life after school.

Life coach Fatima Panju said she had seen many teenagers and young adults worried they won't be successful, afraid to take the next steps in their lives for fear of failure.

"I have a lot of teenagers coming to me saying they can't do this or that, or that they're not smart enough," she said.

Peer pressure, bullying, low self-esteem, poor body image and fear of not being good enough all make it on to the list of things that teenagers worry about.

But Ms Panju wants them to take control of their lives and leave their fears behind.

Along with her partner, Nilesh Vyas, she is running a workshop in January called Unleash Your Super Hero to help teenagers, young adults and anyone who needs guidance to realise their full potential.

She aims to encourage people to develop better relationships with themselves and others and refocus their mindset to see opportunity rather than failure, as well as taking them through hands-on activities such as goal setting.

"The focus of this workshop is to help young adults to understand they have unlimited potential," she said.

"Their brain is just the same as Steve Jobs's brain or Richard Branson's brain; it's about mindset and I tell them it's not about how smart you are, but how hard you work.

"The key is to help these kids to basically uncover, discover and master the resources they have within them," Ms Panju said.

The two-day workshop is on January 6 and 7 at the Thirroul District Library in Lawrence Hargrave Drive and costs $147 a day. It is open to anyone aged 13 and over but places are limited, so call Ms Panju on 0404 848 786 to book.

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