Slice of new life for Eagle Boys franchisee

After trading in a life of peace and quiet in New Zealand for pizza and late nights in Wollongong, Christmas came a day late for Giles Grimston as he finally welcomed his young family to their new home in Australia.

South African-born, England-raised Grimston moved his family – wife Bettina, daughter Molly and son Oliver – to New Zealand after selling their photography business in Bromley, South London, seven years ago.

Semi-retired and spending much of his time tending to the family’s large backyard, Giles said his life was more resembling a plain cheese pizza than the super supreme with the lot that he was expecting.

‘‘I was just bored,’’ he said.

‘‘I’m only 52, that’s too young to be sitting at home all the time.’’

Ordering up an Eagle Boys pizza franchise, Giles has spent the last 10 weeks kneading the dough of his new Unanderra store into place. It was dinner for one since September, but yesterday brought a family meal deal to his door.

Delivered to Sydney airport by plane, Giles’ family joined him a little later than he would have liked – unfortunately the aviation industry does not offer a ‘‘delivery in 20 minutes or it’s free’’ promise – but the whole Grimston family is now settled into their new home in Lake Heights and ready to help dad bite and slice his way into the local fast food market.

‘‘The kids are young now, but the whole idea was to give them an opportunity to work in the shop when they’re older,’’ Giles said.

‘‘The staff I inherited from the previous owners are fantastic. It’s great to see what parents can accomplish by helping their kids find work.’’

While yesterday marked the happy family reunion, the house is all crust, still awaiting toppings – the family are still expecting one final home delivery, with most of their furniture and clothes still being shipped across the Tasman from New Zealand. 

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