Stilt walking skills at Shellharbour youth centre

Broadie McGugan has learnt to juggle, spin plates and best of all, walk on stilts, thanks to Shellharbour's Blackbutt Youth Centre.

The 20-year-old will now become the teacher at a circus workshop tomorrow as part of Shellharbour City Council's youth holiday activities program.

Her favourite activity, stilt-walking, once came in handy at a kids' party, she said.

"They threw the ball in the tree, and because I was so tall on stilts, I went over and grabbed the ball out of the tree and gave it back to them, and they were laughing," she said.

"I love making kids happy."

The Warilla resident hopes others will enjoy learning circus skills too.

"It's just a fun day, you get to learn new skills and go home and practise, and - who knows - you could be running away with the circus," she said.

Her younger sister, Chernece Wooldridge-McGugan, 12, said spinning plates was her favourite.

"It's in the wrist, that's the trick."

Youth development worker Louise Hakkenbrock said tomorrow's activities would depend upon who came and what they wanted.

"They can have a go at the unicycles, learn to juggle, spin plates, practise fire twirling without the fire, and some basic acrobatics," she said.

If there was demand, the council would consider holding more regular workshops.For more information, call Blackbutt Youth Centre on 4295 3820.

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