Drone takes photographer's work to new level

Mitchell Robinson is giving people a bird's-eye view of the Illawarra.

Or maybe that should be a drone's-eye view.

Since late last year, Mr Robinson, a first-time photographer, has been using a drone he bought on eBay, with a camera attached, to take aerial images of the Illawarra.

"I've had it for three months," Mr Robinson said.

"I was just surfing on YouTube and I saw a YouTube link for aerial footage and I just clicked on that and watched it.

"From there I started doing a lot of research, watching all the videos and ended up buying one."

Mr Robinson, who has just started up Illawarra Drone Photography, has already shot some property footage for Ray White and taken the drone in the air over OzTag matches and the Wollongong coastline.

He was also on the ground flying the drone at Lang Park's Australia Day celebrations on Sunday - "it's like a remote-control car, except up in the air" - and said it always attracted attention.

"Every time I go out there's always someone asking about it or quizzing me about it," he said.

"It's unique. There was a flock of people [at Lang Park]. They were all inquisitive about the idea of drones."

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