End of the road for 1920s shopfront wall

Wollongong City Council has decided an old, vandalised wall in Thirroul must be demolished.

The council issued Liverpool-based company Gemsip, owner of the Lawrence Hargrave Drive site, next to Thirroul Shopping Plaza, with a notice to demolish on Friday.

Originally a 1920s shopfront, the wall was left standing when the rest of the building was demolished.

Thirroul Village Committee's secretary, Murray Jones, said the wall had "worn out" its welcome.

"The biggest concern is how the structure impedes the footpath," he said.

An application to develop the site was approved by council in 2004. The wall was required to be part of the new development.

Mr Jones said the wall had no heritage value.

Last year the Thirroul Village Committee circulated a petition asking the council to review the site's development application.

Mr Jones said the petition was created because of safety concerns.

"The walls were in poor condition, it was impeding the footpath and it was starting to lean.

"It was deteriorating so we tried to remove it," Mr Jones said.

The petition was signed by 375 people and was submitted to council in June last year by Green councillor Jill Merrin.

The council responded to the petition by instructing the owners to get an engineer to certify the wall and install scaffolding.

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