Kangaroo collision ruling angers Dapto driver

A Dapto man whose car collided with a kangaroo on the M1 is outraged his insurer has refused to waive the excess on a claim to repair his vehicle.

Peter Wright said the NRMA would not waive the $650 excess because it could not claim it back off the kangaroo.

Mr Wright, who has been an NRMA member for 35 years, said it was pitch black on the M1 on the night of December 5 due to the new moon.

He said he was on his way back from Sydney and approaching the Helensburgh exit when a kangaroo suddenly bound onto the highway, causing an unavoidable accident.

"It came from nowhere out of the darkness," Mr Wright said. "There was no way it was my fault."

Mr Wright said his policy stated that the NRMA would waive the excess if he was ever involved in a not-at-fault accident.

"I'm absolutely disgusted with the NRMA," he said.

"I've been with them a long time. Apparently that doesn't mean a thing."

NRMA spokesperson Mariana Cidade explained that in order for the excess to be waived, a driver must prove no fault in an accident and be able to provide the name and address of a person that "we agree is at fault".

"As Mr Wright has collided with a kangaroo ... he will need to pay the excess," Ms Cidade said.

Mr Wright was also disappointed with the Chinese car manufacturer Chery after it took more than four weeks for a small part, a fuel line connection, to become available in Australia.

"I'd never buy a Chery again," he said.

Mr Wright was without his car for nine weeks and was forced to spend $2500 on rental vehicles.

Chery Australia general manager Dinesh Chinnappa said the company cannot keep every part to every car.

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