Wave FM host's beautiful blessing with Lulu

Wave FM breakfast host Jade Papesch is glad that her baby, Lulu, was not diagnosed with Down syndrome until she was eight weeks old.

"It's quite unusual that it's not picked up in utero or at birth," said Jade, who is on maternity leave.

"We didn't know for eight weeks, so we got to love Lulu for Lulu - the diagnosis didn't get in the way. I feel quite blessed by that."

Jade and her partner, Lyntton Tonta, have had a lot of support, including from their Wave FM family who have decided to donate all proceeds from Sunday's Breakfast on the Beach to The Disability Trust.

"The trust supports people who have a range of disabilities, including Down syndrome," Jade said.

"There's so many other families in the Illawarra going through what we are going through - it can happen to anyone.

"So many people have already sent me their support, and now they're getting behind Breakfast on the Beach, which is fabulous."

Jade's pregnancy went smoothly, with tests showing she was in the lowest risk category for Down syndrome. Little Lulu had a high score of nine on the newborn APGAR test and it wasn't until an eight-week check-up that further tests were suggested due to her slight heart murmur and unusual eyes.

"When we got the results, we were devastated but my partner and I are both positive people so we quickly started to look at the positives," Jade said.

"We spoke to parents of children with Down syndrome who told us that they brought a lot of light and laughter into their lives.

"Maybe the universe decided to give her to us to look after and be her parents because we can handle it."

Thousands of people are expected to flock to Wollongong's Stuart Park and Galvin Park, North Beach, from 8am-11am for the 36th annual breakfast, rides for the kids and prizes to be won.

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