GALLERY: Little penguin found on South Coast

Penfold the Little Penguin is a curious chap.

He was found waddling disoriented, and a little bald, on an Ulladulla beach last week.

While the discovery of a solo penguin on a South Coast beach might seem surprising, Australian Seabird Rescue South Coast founder Julie Dunn said it was common to find Little Penguins on our shores between February and April as they sought shelter to shed their old feathers, which took up to 14 days.

"When the penguins do start to moult, they come up in funny little places and try to hide away.

"Sometimes they'll wander in and out of places, which leaves them prone to being attacked by other animals and predators," she said.

Ms Dunn said Penfold was doing well in the care of a rescue volunteer.

"He's a feisty little boy, eating away all the time and putting on some more weight, so when he finishes his moult he'll be ready to be released."

The Australian Seabird Rescue South Coast branch rescues hundreds of pelicans and other seabirds each year, with the majority of injuries caused by fishing hooks and entanglement with fishing lines.

Ms Dunn said it was important people, particularly avid fishers, knew how to handle injured and sick seabirds, with a workshop on the subject on March 23. Phone 0431 282 238 for details.

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