My School outcome makes good reading

The reading ability of year 5 students at Primbee Public School has improved significantly over the past four years, according to their 2013 NAPLAN results.

The latest assessment statistics, as well as information on finances and student enrolments, were published for all schools on the My School website yesterday.

In 2010, 35 per cent of year 5 Primbee students scored below the national minimum standard in reading, as well as in grammar and punctuation.

NAPLAN results available on My School website

Last year, not a single student recorded a score in the lowest band for either assessment area, with 90 per cent of students above the national minimum standard.

Principal Dorothy Cass credited the improvements in literacy to funding from the federal government's National Partnerships scheme. It allowed the school to hire extra support teachers and provide more professional development for teachers.

"It meant we could have smaller groups where we could do very individualised teaching," she said.

"We could adjust the teaching to suit the ability of the group, we could do informal assessment as we went along and could give children immediate feedback."

The year 5 group did not perform as well in numeracy, but Ms Cass said the school would determine why the average slipped and how they could improve it.

She said it was important for parents to have access to information about funding and assessment results, but believed the often controversial My School site should be only one way parents learnt about a school.

"There may be good reasons why particular areas didn't do as well as we may have liked, and I hope anybody interested in the school or parents who are concerned come and ask us about those things."

Primbee's P&C president Renee Stewart said while she found it helpful to have access to past NAPLAN results and other data on the My School site when deciding where to enrol her daughter, she believed it should be used with other information when getting to know a school.

"Sometimes it's hard to get a full view of the school from the website, as opposed to orientation visits and that sort of thing."

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