'Funster' Andrew Smith falls for the Gong

Jumping out of a plane over Wollongong was just another day at the office for "Chief Funster" Andrew Smith.

Mr Smith acquired that title when he won the NSW Best Job in the World competition.

His prize was to spend the first six months of this year travelling the length and breadth of the state and "do stuff".

Yes, that's his job. Well that and talking about his experiences on social media.

"It's busy, it's definitely seven days a week of full-on activity," Mr Smith admitted.

"There's so much variety in NSW, you have to keep a high pace to get through it all."

He's already spent New Year's Eve on a yacht in Sydney Harbour and visited Parkes for the Elvis Festival.

And yesterday he saw the special scenery of the Illawarra from 14,000 feet (4200 metres) up.

"I was just trying to look around me because it's such a unique vantage point," he said.

"Even on a plane you don't get to see that view. The scenery here is incredible, I can see why they jump out here at Wollongong."

A former social media consultant to HarperCollins in his native United States, Mr Smith said he wasn't afraid of the jump.

"Watching all the expressions on people's faces as they jumped" was his favourite bit.

"It was surreal to think that I'm jumping out of a plane on purpose."

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