Letters: Dragons support can only go so far

I was wondering if any other Dragons fans heard the comment made by a sports commentator during  Sunday’s Dragons-Tigers game at ANZ Stadium?

The words were ‘‘I wonder where all the Dragons fans are, maybe they had something better to do?’’

What an insult! 

It was the Dragons’ so-called ‘‘home game’’ at ANZ and yet so many fans find in very hard to get to Homebush and don’t like it anyway because it is too big and has no atmosphere.

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 We haven’t had a supporters bus for ‘‘away games’’ for years and now there are none for the ‘‘home games’’ at ANZ.

 If it had been at WIN or Kogarah it would have been a full house.

I hear people say – well get a train – no thanks, as we are elderly and would not feel safe late at night. 

Shame, it would have been a great game to watch.

Well done to all the new players now at the Dragons.

Caroline, Lake Illawarra

The NRL has never been richer.  

Massive TV deals and sponsorships have provided an enviable balance sheet, congratulations to the teams.

  Under this guise of infallibility and chest-pumping there may be possibly a skewed level of self-worth that may show its ugly head not too long from now.

 Rugby league is tough, non-compromising, brutal and fast. 

 It is the workingman’s sport of choice due to its universal appeal of ‘‘getting on with it’’.

  Soccer and rugby union respectively suffer from acting antics and bored, unruly crowds and rules that only a referee could follow just barely.

  League does not rely totally on ‘‘super’’ or marquee, just the blood and guts of a fair game in the heartland, watched intently by the punter in the burbs like Bankstown, Campbelltown and Wollongong.

Watch this space David Smith and Peter Doust, lose your heartland complete with its future breeding grounds and your pretty balance sheet won’t be worth a brass razoo come 2024.

Mark Wroblewski, Mt Pleasant

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