Albion Park kids get a taste of multiculturalism

Preschoolers in Albion Park have bonded over food and family ahead of next week's A Taste of Harmony workplace initiative by the Scanlon Foundation.

The foundation, which promotes social cohesion, asks workplaces to host a meal for colleagues to share food and stories from their cultural background.

Albion Park Early Learning Centre owner Daniella Tsolkas said the event would help children appreciate what other families and cultures brought to the table.

"We don't give children enough credit, they really can unite over sharing their experiences," she said.

Most of the centre's children are Anglo-Saxon, but there are some with African, Croatian, Greek, Italian and Egyptian heritage.

A recent nationwide survey showed 90 per cent of employers believed racist attitudes existed in the workplace, but only 13 per cent prioritised cultural diversity, according to the Diversity Council of Australia and Scanlon Foundation.

A Taste of Harmony ambassador and chef Christina Batista encouraged more workplaces in the Illawarra to sign up and celebrate multiculturalism.

The former MasterChef contestant said not only did the event broaden people's palates, but it bridged cultural gaps by uniting people over a common love for food.

"I can't wait to host a lunch on Saturday next week where my friends can share their national dish," she said.

The 31-year-old will spend the week cooking different cultural dishes with her two children.

Eager Albion Park preschoolers shared stories on their family, favourite dishes and cultural heritage ahead of Harmony Day next week.
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