Wild Keiraville party: uni students unrepentant

UPDATE: Last chance for Keiraville house party hosts

A dozen police cars including the dog squad were forced to break up an out-of-control St Patrick's Day party which attracted more than 300 university students in Keiraville on Monday night.

Six Wollongong police cars responded to Robsons Road about 8.20pm and then called for back-up from Lake Illawarra, the dog squad and highway patrol crews.

Students had spilled out on to the street during the party, which spanned two neighbouring share houses.

Inspector Dan Richardson from Wollongong police said several move-on directions were given as police tried to disperse revellers.

He said more directions were given after some of the partygoers tried to continue drinking at the Cabbage Tree Hotel, Fairy Meadow.

"Police ... will now speak with the university to ascertain how this occurred," Insp Richardson said.

He urged students not to share events on social media.

It is the second time in less than six months that Wollongong police have had to break up a university party in Keiraville.

The last one, in Murphys Avenue in November, attracted more than 800 people and required 16 police vehicles to bring it under control.

Party house resident Josh Maheady said Monday night's event was all a bit of harmless fun. "It was absolutely brilliant," he said.

Mr Maheady said it was unlikely police or the University of Wollongong would be able to do anything to prevent similar parties in the future.

"They can try but they'll have very little success," he said.

"The reason these guys aren't [living] on uni [campus] is so they can do shit like this.

"The uni has no say in what these guys do out of uni."

Another party house resident, who did not want to be identified, said such events never caused trouble.

"There are no fights ... we only have them on special events," she said.

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