Dapto doctor was aroused, court hears

A Dapto doctor accused of sexually assaulting a patient during a routine consultation revealed in a recorded conversation he was aroused when he "examined" her.

On Tuesday, Wollongong District Court heard that the conversation with the doctor, Das Vithal Balgi, was secretly recorded by his alleged victim, who was helping police gather evidence in her sexual assault case.

In the audio recording played to the court, the 71-year-old admitted to his alleged victim he had an erection during a consultation with the woman.

He told the woman he was sexually aroused because he wanted her to "get [her] confidence back" and spoke almost incoherently about how he would have "loved" her to put her "head there, or hand there, and touched, and seen [it]".

Giving evidence at Balgi's trial, the woman alleged he pressed himself against her when he "examined" her on March 12, 2012, at the Dapto Medical Centre.

The Crown alleges that during that examination, Balgi touched the woman inappropriately, falsely claiming it was part of her medical treatment.

During the recorded conversation, Balgi told the woman he wanted to "restore" her troubled marriage and suggested he could send her to a "sex specialist" in Sydney but said it was expensive and the specialist wouldn't know her as well as he did.

He also referred to the alleged sexual assault, telling her: "I'll be very frank with you, [I was] just trying to see if I [could] sort of give you a little bit of sexual relief there."

Balgi later warned her he had to be "extremely careful" about how he "handled" her treatment because he had his reputation to protect.

He was also heard on the recording urging the woman to meet up with him privately no fewer than a dozen times.

The alleged victim told the court Balgi had offered to pay her if she came to his home for a few hours every Monday and handled his paperwork.

During cross-examination, the defence rejected that claim, arguing the woman had asked Balgi for work because she was short of cash.

Balgi's barrister also questioned why the woman met up with him several weeks after the alleged sexual assault if she was scared of him.

The trial will continue on Wednesday.

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