Python spotted in Balgownie

When Balgownie resident John Meredith peeked out of his window on Sunday, he did not expect to see a large python in his regular view.

The lazy snake had taken up residence in a tree near his Gore Street home, curling up in a ball on the branches after, what Mr Meredith believes, was a big meal.

‘‘He’s probably eaten a possum or something and he’s just digesting his food,’’ he said.

‘‘There’s nothing anyone can do, he’s just in his natural habitat.

‘‘My house overlooks a stormwater drain so the snake may have been attracted by the water and the tree.

The diamond python, estimated to be around two metres long and 20 centimetres thick, first appeared wrapped around a tree branch on Sunday before it curled itself into a ball and lounged on Monday.

An avid photographer, Mr Meredith said he had often snapped wallabies, birds and echidnas near his home but the python was a first.

‘‘I’ve never seen anything like it before ,’’ he said.

‘‘I’ve seen just about every animal in the seven years that I’ve lived here, including wallabies and foxes, and I’ve just started photographing the birds - but a python is definitely something different.’’ 

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