Registry closes despite social media outcry

A spirited social media campaign that attracted more than 900 followers has failed to stop the closure of the Wollongong Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages on Friday.

Laurie Edwards, creator of Facebook group Keep Our Registry Office - Wollongong, said despite lobbying local councillors and MPs, the campaign had failed.

"I guess these changes happen, there's always going to be changes to the way things are done, but what I am concerned about here is they are taking away our services and offering us lesser services for the same price and trying to sell that to the public as an improvement," he said.

"I think that's really patronising, it's really rude to be honest."

Previously, the Wollongong BDM office would issue birth, death and marriage certificates, process amendments to records and register births on the day of attendance.

Non-urgent certificates could be collected the next working day for a lesser fee.

Mr Edwards said there was now a three-day turnaround to get documentation urgently.

According to Service NSW, BDM functions will now be provided through the Wollongong Service NSW centre at ground floor, shop 2-3, 90 Crown Street.

Previously, a Service NSW spokeswoman told the Mercury the partnership with Service NSW would "enable customers in the Wollongong area to have greater access to BDM services through longer trading hours".

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