Letters: Storm damage was unusual for one reason

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The heavy downpour that occurred last week is not unusual. What was completely new was the amount of damage caused by the massive amounts of fine dirt washed down from the area west of  residential areas.

 My parents lived in Organs Road for over 60 years and although there has been significant rainfall, particularly in the 1998 floods, only water and some debris has washed down the creek in their front yard. This time, massive amounts of mud covered their front yard and driveway.

 It also caused huge amounts of damage downstream to areas such as Bulli High and Benelong Street. This same mud (which looked like wet topsoil) covered the area around Bulli Bowling Club and Princes Highway, which is just below the old Bulli brickyard.

Where did this fine soil come from? It is not found naturally  upstream. Interesting that a major development is occurring at the brickyard. 

MP tours flood-damaged Bulli High - photos

Illawarra the morning after the storm - photos

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