Preschoolers develop taste for good stuff

Kids at Koninderie Community Preschool at Albion Park have tucked into fruit kebabs and vegie men as part of the Gutsy Challenge.

The preschoolers hit their target of "two fruit and four veg" a day last week as part of the national challenge that raises awareness of, and funds for research into, gastro-intestinal cancers.

"We decided to help the kids take on the challenge to help promote healthy eating from a young age,"the preschool educator Tarryn Bunt said.

"Lessons have focused on healthy eating and there's been plenty of hands-on activities and games to make healthy eating fun."

In the past five years, the healthy eating program, run by the GI Cancer Institute, has helped change the eating habits of more than 13,000 Australian children.

GI Cancer Institute spokeswoman Melisa Shishkin said three Australians were diagnosed with gastro-intestinal cancers every hour.

"Gastro-intestinal cancers are cancers of the bowel, pancreas, stomach, oesophagus and gall bladder. Collectively they are the most common form of cancer in Australia," she said.

Schools, clubs and individuals are invited to take part in the Gutsy Challenge:

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