Wollongong flood victims call for action on creek

Kembla Street resident Tony Virtu feels the millions of dollars Wollongong City Council has for flood mitigation is long overdue.

Mr Virtu's property at the southern end of Kembla Street flooded in 2012 and again last month.

The council's draft annual plan, released on Tuesday, allocates $13 million for flood mitigation over the next three years.

A frustrated Mr Virtu said the council needed to get to work now, and not in two or three years' time.

"I'm glad that council put money away for flood zones and flood mitigation but we need the work to start today," he said.

"It's not only where I live but it's the creeks in the Illawarra in general. They need to be cleaned. I don't see why council can't commit to a team of workers just cleaning creeks.

"Enough is enough. I want to see council's Gordon Bradbery and David Farmer getting in there and getting things done.

"We just don't see any action. When we got flooded in 2012 and again a month ago, there's nothing that's been done. The creeks have not been touched."

Mr Virtu said cleaning up the family pool after the two floods cost $7000, and that was on top of cars they lost to floodwater, and rising insurance premiums.

If Wollongong City Council wasn't going to take swift action, then the residents should, he said.

"What I would like to see is all of us people getting affected by creeks get together and have a class action against the council, because this must stop and it must stop now."

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