South Coast ghost hunter's take on Gallipoli 'soldier'

Gallipoli 'ghost' captured at soldiers' cemetery

A South Coast ghost hunter has cast doubt on an image taken at Gallipoli which reportedly shows a ‘ghost’ soldier standing among gravestones.

The image was taken by Fairfax photographer Joe Armao, and apparently shows a man in a wide brimmed hat standing at Beach Cemetery at Hell Spit, on the old Anzac battlefields of Gallipoli.

Ghost Hunters of the South Coast and Territories group member Dan McMath said while at first glance the image might seem convincing, the truth was likely to be a lot less exciting.

‘‘At first I thought wow, that’s interesting,’’ he said.

‘‘I’d love it to be a ghost but the two pictures I’m looking at are of two different angles.

‘‘It [the soldier] seems to be the contours and shape of the flower in the foreground.’’

Although sceptical of the image, Mr McMath said Gallipoli likely had its fair share of paranormal activity.

‘‘Never having been there I’m not sure,’’ he said.

‘‘It’s a scene of tremendous energy - you’ve got the horrendous things that happened along the beach there.

‘‘It’s quite possible and if ghosts are found there they would be residual... ghosts.’’

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