World Cup 2014 | Lake Heights father and sons off to Brazil

Lake Heights father and son David and Lou Ferri are now in Brazil to follow Italy's fortunes. Picture: ROBERT PEET
Lake Heights father and son David and Lou Ferri are now in Brazil to follow Italy's fortunes. Picture: ROBERT PEET

When Lucas Neill gave away "that penalty" in 2006, tensions couldn't have been higher in the Ferri household.

With dad Lou Italian-born and raised and sons David and Andrew brought up in Australia, bragging rights were well and truly on the line.

Unfortunately for the brothers, Francesco Totti helped Lou claim the honours.

But it wouldn't come without a swift quip in return.

"When Italy knocked out Australia in 2006 I taught my son to say to my dad, 'I am Italian' and he would fall over because of the famous penalty. There was a bit of that back then,"' David joked.

Along with the tension, furore and banter of eight years ago came an idea.

With Lou closing in on an age where travel isn't easy, the brothers made plans to go on the trip of a lifetime with their dad.

"He came over to Australia when he was 17 but he spent two years living in Brazil between the ages of seven and nine. So when Brazil [was] announced [as hosts of] the World Cup, Andrew thought it would be a good idea to take dad," David said.

"It is a bit of a bonding session for dad, Andrew and I.

"I don't know that you get to know your parents as an adult that much either and do things like this. I think it is a memory you will have forever."

On Tuesday the trio departed on a trip they'll never forget.

They will watch all three of the Azzuri's group matches in a difficult group D.

Italy face tough competition from England (June 15, all dates AEST), Costa Rica (June 21) and Uruguay (June 25) in their bid to progress to the playoffs.

Their campaign kicks off at 8am Australian time on Sunday.

"The first game is in the Amazon. I am really buzzed to watch that game because I have always wanted to watch an English Premier League game," David said.

"With the Barmy Army as well, it is going to be awesome."

With their focus on taking in the Italians' journey in northern Brazil, the Ferri boys will be hard-pressed to get down south to catch a glimpse of the Socceroos.

While Andrew already resigned to an Australian defeat, David will be keeping one eye closely on matters in Group B.

"I will be taking all my Aussie gear," David said.

"We will be watching all the Australian games in the FIFA fan squares because we can't actually get to the games. It is too hard."

Australia's campaign kicks off the day before Italy on Saturday (8am) against Chile.