Like being spooked? Try the Helensburgh tunnels ghost tour experience

In 1895 a miner named Robert Hales was hit by a train in the Helensburgh Tunnel, cleaving his body in two.

Legend has it the miner's spirit still hides in the darkness, chasing and racing the trains, and running straight through unsuspecting visitors.

The eerie breadth and beauty of the Helensburgh Tunnel has fascinated curious humans for generations. Now, a man tuned in to the paranormal has found a way to share its awe and mystery.

Craig Bloxsome, owner and operator of a successful ghost tour business in Tasmania, has been mesmerised by stories of the northern Illawarra tunnels and has made several treks through the muddy terrain to get a feel for it himself.

He has brought in psychic mediums and paranormal investigators who all agree with him - the paranormal energy is real.

"A lot of people said they had experienced weird stuff in there, seeing things, sensations. Someone watching them," Mr Bloxsome said.

"I took along two psychic mediums and paranormal investigators. They all confirmed that they believe it's a very active place.

"I don't want to spin stories to people, I will only take tours to places once I'm convinced there is activity. And I'm convinced."

So the spooky scene is set at Helensburgh - home to one of the Illawarra's official ghost tours.

"I've been a few times to take a look for myself. It's a bit damp and muddy but I had a good look to make sure people can go into tunnels and I think it's a great place for a tour," said Mr Bloxsome who is finalising his licence to run his tour on Crown Land.

He will be the "gatekeeper" for curious visitors wanting to check out the tunnel for themselves - and a bodyguard should they need back-up.

"People have mentioned some names associated with the tunnel, a guy called John that died in the tunnels and one of the psychics believes there is still a body unfound down there."

"My whole idea is to expose like-minded people to the paranormal.

"What makes our tours so unique is the fact that we provide you with the expertise of a paranormal investigator and use of paranormal investigation equipment," Mr Bloxsome said.

"You also have the inside edge with our psychic medium who will tune you into the spirits that haunt the tunnels.

"We meet at the train station at Helensburgh, walk to the metropolitan tunnel, give them the history of the environment and talk about the characters that have passed away.

"I then hand over to investigators to talk about their equipment, how they use it and then we give in to the experience."

Mr Bloxsome, now based at Nowra, has a wealth of experience with his successful Tasmania tours.

The final Helensburgh Tunnels Ghost Tour Experience for the year will be held on the October 1 long weekend, 7.30pm-9.30pm, cost $49. To book, email Mel at 

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