Only thing to do now is to amalgamate the Government with the unemployed queue.

_ No amalgamations

I hope that stupid woman stops wasting our money and respect the decision.

_ Ali

“no defect in the process for this proposed amalgamation” and in the ruling by Justice Moore he refers to a paragraph in the KPMG report.

"The proposal has been informed by four years of extensive Council and community consultation and is supported by independent analysis and modelling by KPMG."

But no council or the public saw that report or had the chance to question the contents or the modelling referred to in that "independent" report. 

Community consultation - short notice meeting during school holidays that you could not get listed to speak.

Whether you agree with the mergers or not it is clear that the Liberal State Government does not care what the community thinks about mergers or sell off.

_ Warwick Erwin

Dollar value on court costs and any further appeal costs, will now and always have been at the expense of the ratepayers, as I cannot see any council that’s now going to merge footing any bills for any of the legal costs either before or after.

_ Andrew

Be prepared for rates to go up in the coming years despite the so called "promises" from the Baird government. With all of the damage he is causing across NSW, how could anyone believe this systemic liar? Reports in the media from the other forced mergers are showing that the a majority of them are in disarray. The true costs are starting to be exposed and what once looked like a "promising" proposal is starting to fall apart. This will not end up well and I am very angry and disappointed as a resident of Shellharbour. I am already predicting that Wollongong and Shellharbour will split after five years because it will go into disarray.

_ Shellharbour resident

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