Driver rammed off Picton Road at Wilton: photos, video

“You’re going to get caught,” are the words from an Albion Park man who is still shaken – mentally and physically – from being rammed off Picton Road in Wilton by another driver.

Darren Adams, 51, resorted to posting dash cam footage of the harrowing incident on September 12 to a Facebook group because he is determined to find the person responsible.

Mr Adams said his car was a “complete write off”, he’d suffered a back injury as a result, but his main worry was turning the light off at night as he is being kept awake by frightening nightmares of his near death experience.

“They’re not going away at the moment but in time I’m sure they will,” he said.

The shocking footage shows a silver Commodore ramming the rear of Mr Adams’ Mazda “for no apparent reason”, forcing it up an embankment and onto its side.

“A truck driver from Harris, Tim … and another couple of fellows opened up the back hatch and helped me out,” Mr Adams said.

“I reckon [the other driver] had to be on drugs, I can’t understand why someone would drive in that manner.”

Graham Mercer, a witness to the frightening incident, said Darren’s car ended up on the wrong side of the road and on its side. 

“Hope the driver is ok,” Mr Mercer wrote on Facebook. “Very lucky not to have a head on with the truck coming the other way.”

NSW Police Media issued an appeal for witnesses on Monday September 19, after the Illawarra Mercury had reported on the incident and Mr Adams’ video had gone viral.

The victim is frustrated that despite his video showing every moment of the incident the offender is yet to be caught by police.

“I gave them the dash cam footage and said here’s the number … but I still haven’t heard back.

“I [posted the video online] because I was thinking ‘oh well, someone’s got to start something’.”

Mr Adams said his family are extremely worried about his mental and physical health, while he’s yet to hear from his insurance company about what will happen to his maimed Mazda.

A spokesman from NSW Police Media said no arrests have been made and anyone with information should contact their nearest police station or call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

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