Letters to the editor September 22 2016


As a ratepayer for 38 years and a resident of Wollongong for 65 years I have never expected anyone else to pay my bills except myself, nor would I expect anyone else to be  responsible for the financial decisions my husband and I have made as part of a team.

Why then should Wollongong Council residents and ratepayers have to fit the bill for Shellharbour Council's decision to  appeal  the amalgamation of the two councils.

I thought that Mayor Saliba wanted to stand alone and to remain independent. I am confused.

Lyn Jefferis, Figtree


I'd agree with Jennie Morris (‘All warring parties are losers’, Illawarra Mercury, Thursday, September 15, 2016) that war is horrible, the suffering of civilians in any conflict is tragic, as is the legacy for many young military personnel.

In terms of monuments and memorials to the North Vietnamese in what they have called the American War, it is my understanding that there are a number of these memorials in the reunified Vietnam eg in Hanoi.

Quoting Wikipedia: "The War Memorial in Hanoi is located across the Ba Dinh Square, across the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum and close to Hanoi Citadel.

“Constructed in 1993 in a fusion of traditional Vietnamese and modernist architecture,[1] the memorial commemorates men and women who sacrificed themselves during the Second Indochina War.

“The war is known by many names, e.g. as the American War in Vietnam. The memorial is a focal point for state functions, commemorating the war dead."

This memorial is quite imposing.

By the way I wonder how many people know that there is a Japanese memorial at Kokoda in Papua New Guinea?

Kerrie Anne Christian, Thirroul


In reply to the letter by Jennie Morris (All warring parties are losers’, Illawarra Mercury, Thursday, September 15, 2016) I acknowledge war always bring casualties on all sides, but stop misrepresenting the facts.

History will record that the North Vietnamese Communist Government with international support from China and Russia invaded South Vietnam. The South Vietnamese Army were out numbered in personnel and particularly military might.

With the "Cold War" still in place at the time of the Vietnam War, it should be remembered the Americans and Australians saw the invasion by North Vietnam as an attempt to advance Communism by military force.

Adrian Devlin, Fairy Meadow


Those who bothered to watch the exhibition of witlessness on show in the “Canberra Playhouse” on Capitol Hill recently must surely have been disappointed and disconcerted about what the future may hold for our nation.

Malcolm Turnbull debuting in the role of elected lead actor in the House of Representatives, definitely lacked substance in his performance.  “Malcolm the Magician” appears to be nothing more than a political thespian totally reliant for his direction upon “off stage “prompters.

It must be said however, his amazing acrobatic performance on the superannuation issue did compensate somewhat for what was an overall dismal performance. Bill Shorten provided; as expected, his usual and excellent “nodding dog” impersonation during the proceedings.

In the Senate, Pauline Hanson, proved that by simply re-directing her xenophobic rhetoric from East Asians to Central Asians, she could still create social divisiveness and feed her addiction to media attention.  On the evidence to date  this current season in the Canberra Playhouse could be a very short one.

Barry Swan, Balgownie

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