Reel Deal: Reds in big numbers around the reefs

Double delight: Pat Murphy found this pair of Lake Illawarra flatties that were released into breadcrumbs and hot oil.

Double delight: Pat Murphy found this pair of Lake Illawarra flatties that were released into breadcrumbs and hot oil.

Luke from Leisure Coast Bait and Tackle at Corrimal says the hunt for snapper this past week has intensified significantly with multiple shoals of reds seen on the sounders, congregating on the deeper offshore reefs and structures.

Far too many individual successfully catches were achieved to name them all, but there were some solid fish up to and exceeding 5 kilos from up and down the coast and the common denominator was the depth these better quality fish were caught.

Information courtesy Bureau of Meteorology

Information courtesy Bureau of Meteorology

The depth line in 50 metres was the hot spot where they holed up and with the use of today’s modern technology, you only had to find the masses of bait schools and the snapper were not too far away.

Plastics and micro jigs were definitely the most success method and the smarter guys alternated between the 2 for the best results.

If the weekend weather is again kind, the best reefs to hit would include The Humps, Bandit, Wollongong and Trap with some great fish being taken over the last two weeks.

Kingfish season is starting to heat up with a couple of cracking hoodlums sized monsters taken last week and weekend and there were reports of a couple of large ‘hoods’ taken by spear fishing divers off a beach reef with one king going over 20 kilos and the smaller at a mere 15 kilos. Bigger fish were sighted in the same school.

Port Kembla islands have also been holding some good kingies but those around the Bellambi bommie and Minnamurra’s Rangoon Island play a lot tougher in the shallow water with some serious stopping power needed if you are to win the battle.

Best baits have been slow trolled or down rigged fresh squid and or slimeys and yellowtail.

If you’re on the hunt for a feed of flatties, there have still been excellent catches made from the usual recognised spots locally and more up off the National Park.

Stanwell Park drifts have produced good catches of both blue spot and tiger flatties as well as some solid flounder and gummy sharks, so hopefully the current stays amicable as the deeper drifts should produce well.

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