Mercury readers want rail before F6 extension

Forget the F6 – spend the money upgrading the South Coast line.

That’s the message from plenty of people who left comments on the Mercury’s Facebook page.

The comments were left on a story about the possibility of the F6 extension cutting into the Royal National Park.

“Fix the South Coast line and make it so it works properly and then run the max amount of trains on it so it can serve the people that live there,” Michael Hodge wrote.

David Bottin believed there were so many cars on the road because the rail commute was so long.

“Cut rail time to less than 60 minutes and they would cut the number of cars on the F6 by half,” he wrote.

Donna-Maree Taylor wasn’t a fan of the extension, no matter which direction it took.

“If our government provided a better and faster service to Sydney we wouldn't need another toll road choked with polluting cars,” Ms Taylor wrote.

Not everyone was looking towards better public transport – Julian Cortner felt rail wasn't “the answer to everything”.

“Many people that live in outer suburbs and as far down as the Gong are tradies, reps and people that rely on their vehicle to get around Sydney for their work,” Mr Cortner said.

John Valentinetti felt the government should take the cost-effective approach.

“Widening of the current F6 is a far cheaper option,” he wrote.

“We are in enough debt as it is and we shouldn't ask people to get out of their houses if there is a more viable alternative.”

Scott Boyle didn’t see what all the fuss was about.

“All those who are living now, even the newborns of today, will be dead and never see this happen,” he wrote.