Live digital television broadcast at The Frat on Friday night

Live show: Josephine Sartor at the launch of I Believe In You. Pic: Greg Ellis.
Live show: Josephine Sartor at the launch of I Believe In You. Pic: Greg Ellis.

A Josephine Sartor book launch at The Frat in 2016 has resulted in a live broadcast to Youtube and social media of a new digital Psychic TV program in Wollongong on Friday. When Mrs Sartor launched “I Believe In You” last July little did she know All About You executive producer Margaret Ferreira was so impressed she wanted her on the program. Mrs Sartor has appeared four times in a Sydney studio. But on Friday at The Frat a special edition called ‘Up Close and Personal with Spirit” will be broadcast with a live audience.

Vivienne Somers and Steven J Murphy are coming to Wollongong to present the show expected to last two hours. Along with Mrs Sartor it will include appearances by Sheila Vijeyarasa, Peter Hoare, Sammi Bunting and Kinda Usope.

All About You has aired live every Monday night since it began nine months ago but Friday is a special program and a first in front of a live audience.

“We go to Facebook and Youtube at the same time,” Mrs Ferreira said.

Josephine Sartor

Josephine Sartor

“A lot of people interact with us on Facebook while the show is on. The Fraternity Club is our first live audience broadcast for All About You. We decided we would do it in Wollongong because Josephine is one of our talents and she has a following there. It is not just a psychic show. We are a lifestyle and health and well-being program as well so we do have a lot of different people come on. Josephine comes up once a month. She is on the panel”.

Mrs Ferreira said she had worked on another psychic show as an operations manager for many years and when she came to Wollongong for Mrs Sartor’s book launch last July the new show All About You was in the making.

“As I was getting the show together Vivienne suggested I pop down and see Josephine at the book launch because she was truly amazing,” she said.

When I saw Josephine a knew I wanted to have her on the show.”

More than 125 tickets have already been sold and can be booked at The Frat, online at or at the door on Friday night.