UNBEARABLE: Turn on the TV but please don’t turn off your morals

TV series Married at First Sight make a joke of the idea of marriage.
TV series Married at First Sight make a joke of the idea of marriage.

I have to say I’m so happy that the TV show Seven Year Switch is over.

Though my happiness about that fact is tempered by the high likelihood some TV “creative” will come up with another concept just as morally reprehensible.

Maybe you missed Seven Year Itch; if so, give yourself a massive pat on the back.

What you missed was a show that claimed to be trying to help four married couples stay together.

How they decided to do that was by hooking them up with someone else and then hoping they’ll care so little about how they come across that they’ll start pashing someone they just met in front of the cameras.

And they did – some even decided to get naked too.

In a nutshell, what we had here was a show all about trying to get couples to break up by having them shacked up with someone else and get busy.

That's so morally reprehensible. But it’s not like it’s the first time TV has done that.

Remember Married at First Sight? That was a show that matched up complete strangers who then married the first time they met.

Here we are in a society where gay people who have loved each other for years aren’t allowed to marry, but two heterosexuals who have never clapped eyes on each other before can get hitched – all for a TV show.

The message here seems to be “you can’t get married but us heterosexuals are so cavalier about it, we can marry someone we only just met!”

And those opposing gays getting hitched because it would make a mockery of marriage never uttered a peep about faked weddings being used for entertainment purposes.

Which was strange – it's not like staged TV nuptials are respecting the sanctity of marriage.

Shows like these are good advertisements for getting a library card.