KMA club medal haul at international event

Stars: KMA Wollongong's junior squad were a huge force at the  International Sports Karate Association Sydney City Open.

Stars: KMA Wollongong's junior squad were a huge force at the International Sports Karate Association Sydney City Open.

KMA Wollongong continue to leave their mark and deliver promising young talent following outstanding results at national and International level.

The Wollongong-based club recently brought home an impressive nine podium places with just 10 representing competitors at the  International Sports Karate Association (ISKA) Sydney City Open with more than 500 competitors on the day.

The KMA Xtreme Performance team has welcomed four new members this year –  Valeska Efstathiadis, Dominic Tiberio, Rocco Faddoul-Roncato and Andre Dzeparoski – and they made an awesome debut for the club against top quality  opposition.

“It is so nerve wracking for them and their parents, but everyone performed absolutely magnificent, and I’m extremely proud of everyone’s efforts,” said Head Instructor Kosta Skrapis.

Seven-year-old Andre Dzeparoski impressed the judges in the U10 extreme weapons event with his prowess and the Bo Staff was awarded a bronze medal.

Dominic impressed in his first time on the mats and won bronze in Continuous Sparring. Aleah Coyle’s was also a standout in her first sparring competition, winning gold in the Girl’s division by points and stoppage.

Eleven-year-olds, Tabitha Knust-Gilmour and Aleah Coyle brought home the gold with their synchronised Nunchaku routine in the nail-biting 10-13 Years Showmanship event.

"Showmanship is a blend of choreography, acrobatics and martial arts, but you have to engage and entertain the audience to bring home the gold," Skrapis said.

KMA Wollongong  also represented strongly in the weapons divisions with Andre Efstathiadis in  under 15s, and James Peterson in the under 10 division.

Nine-year-old Andrey McKenzie was the only club member  in the U10 Extreme Forms and made the team proud with a fine silver medal performance.

Aleah and her brother Jayden Coyle competed head-to-head in the U12 Extreme Weapons and Forms, with each bringing home a silver and bronze medal.

“Sibling rivalry is sometimes healthy; they push each other to perform better tricks and flips every week” added Skrapis.

The team has been working very hard and, with a  taste of success, are planning their next big tournament.

“We are all preparing physically and mentally for the ISKA World Cup in October.”

Kosta Skrapis is confident his Xtreme Performance Team will proudly represent the club and region and go from strength to strength over the next few months as they work on perfecting their techniques.

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