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The Next Level tour is coming to WIN Stadium in Wollongong on Saturday, March 24, 2018. Tickets go on sale 9am on Sunday, October 15 and will be available at

“For me, action sports is all about passion, progression and pushing the limits,” says Nitro Circus legend Travis Pastrana. 

“We've spent the past 10 years finding the limits of traditional ramps. In order to step up to the next level, we had to be willing to go bigger," 

“With The Next Level Tour, we’re taking everything we’ve learned from my house and at the Nitro World Games and taking it on the road. It’s been so awesome to be a part of building this show from the ground up with what are truly the best in the business, and I’m psyched for fans around the world to see it. Especially with the massive new ramps, I think they’re going to be blown away"

The Next Level Tour will feature revolutionary ramp technology, including an all-new Big Air version of the Nitro World Games’ groundbreaking FMX Best Trick ramp – the first time ever it has been ridden outside of the United States.

Inspired by the jaw-dropping ramp used by Josh Sheehan in 2015 to stomp the previously unthinkable triple backflip on a motorbike, the FMX Big Air ramp has a similarly distinguished pedigree. The USA’s Gregg Duffy landed the world’s first double frontflip in 2016 while this year Canberra’s own Henry Bink scored a world’s first of his own: an incredible frontflip rock solid. It is truly a monster setup that will push progression forward, with a lander more than 30-feet tall and a takeoff that hurls riders over 60-feet in the air. In all, only 10 athletes have dared to hit it, an exclusive shortlist that, besides Duffy and Bink, includes Pat Bowden, Jackson “Jacko” Strong, Clinton Moore, William Van den Putte, Brodie Carmichael, Tom Pages, Josh Sheehan and Travis Pastrana himself.

The Next Level Tour will also feature never-before-seen tricks by the world’s best athletes in BMX, Scooter and Inline as well as an assortment of new outrageous contraptions, which Nitro Circus’ daredevils will ride off the infamous 50-foot Giganta Ramp. Last year the Nitro crew hucked it in everything from a wheeled kayak to a mini- bobsled – who knows what new, crazy creations the design team has in store for 2018?!

After redefining the live action sports experience in 2010 as a multi-sensory entertainment spectacular, The Next Level Tour is set to completely change the game, raising the bar once again.

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