Good luck on Friday the 13th

THERE is no better time to pull up the covers and stay in bed if you are a paraskevidekatriaphobiac, because today is Black Friday.For those with a fear of Friday the 13th, today is an ominous day, steeped in myth, superstition and history. It is a day to avoid breaking mirrors, wandering under ladders or crossing a black cat's path.But for Albion Park numerologist and astrologist Chris Thomas, the 13th is the perfect time to positively re-energise your life."Friday the 13th predominantly has superstitions around good luck or bad luck ... (which) is grounded in myth and fear," Mrs Thomas explained."But it's time we stopped looking at all this fear-based stuff and started to look at having control over and planning for our future."By reading the meanings of numbers one and three, and four (one and three added together), Mrs Thomas can discern the day's numerological significance. And, contrary to the old wives' tales, numerology indicates the 13th is a good time to take positive action."The one is about being yourself, doing your own thing and about being an individual. And the three is about having fun and being creative," she said."Together those numbers add up to a four, and four is about planning, building, being ordered and loyal."Instead of cowering at spilt salt or avoiding cracks in the footpath, Mrs Thomas suggests people plan for the future and organise their life."All that superstitious stuff is a fear of the unknown or fear of not knowing what's coming."IT'S BAD LUCK IF ...

  • You cut your nails on a Friday.
  • 13 people sit down to dinner together (one may die within the year).
  • You see an owl during daylight.
  • You have 13 letters in your name.
  • You put a hat on a bed or shoes on a table.
  • You throw stones into the ocean.
  • You start a trip or set sail on Friday.
  • You spill salt.

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