Perth coach has a spot of sour grapes

Is Rob Beveridge for real?The Perth coach's rant against the Wollongong Hawks isn't just poor form, it's downright bizarre. It is difficult to fathom what motivated Beveridge to describe the Hawks' reversal of fortune as "sickening". Inspirational? No doubt. Frustrating for an opposing coach? Perhaps. But sickening? Surely any fair-minded basketball fan would scratch their head at that.As Beveridge acknowledges, outside of our region the Hawks are "everybody's second-favourite team". Everyone loves an underdog and everyone loves a comeback. So, what good does it do Beveridge's team to slam the Hawks' Cinderella story? He must realise it's only going to fire the Hawks up even more.Then he suggests Glen Saville and Mat Campbell have won multiple championships. Well, Sav and Campbell have only won one title each, and even if they had won more, what's his point? The Hawks is a tale of a team and its community. What individual players have done in the past is incidental to the story of this season.There is some suggestion Beveridge's comments are borne from his concern the Hawks' heroics might blunt his tilt at the NBL Coach of the Year title.Whatever the motivation, such ill-conceived remarks leave us in no doubt who the jealous sister is in this Cinderella fairytale.If the slipper fits.

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