Recipes from the Illawarra's tastemakers

The culinary talents behind some of the region's most popular eateries open up their kitchens - and cookbooks - for the Mercury.

Wollongong Chifley's executive chef Peter Washbourne

RECIPE Fried cheese with lemon and olives + grilled bread with eggplant caviar 

Lagoon Restaurant head chef Emmanuel Efstethiates

RECIPE Barbecue seafood medley 

Amigos Mexican Restaurant head chef Cinthia Flores

RECIPE Pollo al Huerto

Relish on Addison owner and chef Tom Laws

RECIPE Passionfruit and citrus tart

German Club Wollongong chef Lucy Steele  

RECIPE Eisbein (A pork knuckle covered by a thick layer of fat, the eisbein is a tender and aromatic German dish which needs to cook for a long time before it's ready to be enjoyed.) 

Jimmy Callaway of The Little Prince on Globe Lane

RECIPE Caramelised sprouts

Le Fowler of Hanoi on Manning in Kiama and Wollongong

RECIPE Grilled pork with vermicelli and salad

Panorama House head chef Ante Spralja 

RECIPE Mediterranean fish stack with Provencale vegetables