Order a decaf next time and just relax

Cyclists drink morning coffees at Two Before Ten in Canberra. Picture: Rohan Thomson
Cyclists drink morning coffees at Two Before Ten in Canberra. Picture: Rohan Thomson


As a Canberra cyclist, I’m used to road rage. Even while riding in designated bike lanes, I’ve had drivers swerve their cars towards me, honk their horns, yell obscenities out their windows and even throw objects at me.

But now some people want to kick our well-padded behinds out of Canberra’s cafes and to the curb! 

Them’s fighting words — and this time you’re not behind the wheel of a speeding, over-sized, urban four-wheel-drive.

The response to today’s article in The Canberra Times about the happy marriage of cycling and coffee shops can best be summed up by this online comment from JRD: 

Why stop there JRD?

Let’s also ban those trendy couples, wearing scarves and T-shirts in summer, pretending to hide behind dark designer sunglasses but wanting desperately to be seen. It’s revolting too.

Let’s kick out the parents trying to keep their restless toddlers stuck in seats by giving their kids babyccinos instead of attention. Revolting.

Block the public servants who are wasting tax-payer money by lining up every hour to order 10 takeaway lattes for their colleagues, only so they can stamp an entire loyalty card and get their caffeine-hit for free.  Re-volt-ing!

Let’s run the cyclists of Canberra out of coffee shops, then run the coffee shops of Canberra out of business.

A cyclist at a coffee shop should be seen as a public service.

Australian restaurants are awarded Chef Hats, but the quality of coffee at a cafe can be measured by the bikes racked outside the front door and the hair-free legs under their tables.

Cyclists are a picky bunch. They demand a good bean and a social scene.

So to people who agree with comments like those made by JRD, I suggest you maybe order a decaf next time and just relax.

Chris Wilson is sports editor of The Canberra Times and proud MAMIL (middle-aged man in lycra).


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